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Dog Adventure School is our way of giving back to the dog in a real way.

One is none, two is One. 

We are Jordan Knight & Ayelet Gal, we both are Dog Trainers who like to think outside the box.

We grew up differently, but both of us have dedicated our adult lives to observing, interacting, and training dogs and helping their humans. Using knowledge collected from around the world, we use real-life experiences and together created a methodology that has proven to help even the most complicated of cases.  

One day we were pondering:

  • What is the next level of dog training and psychology

  • How can we give dogs more of what they need

  • What is the most generous thing we can do 

We know that most of the dogs we work with: 

  • Have a very limited time outside

  • Never spent a night outdoors

  • Many dogs only get two or three chances to, relieve themselves throughout the day

Through these questions, Dog Adventure School was born! 
We love nature and being outside and knowing its healing powers.


So, we started a Nature Retreat for a small group of dogs. Very quickly we discovered that for some dogs this was a life-changing experience. This was confirmed by incredible owners, whose generosity and dedication to their partner on four warms our hearts every time.  From that on we created different activities that offer dogs and their humans something which is much more than training.

With more than 30 years of experience combined, and many personal and professional dog-related adventures, we continue to explore and share the secrets of the dog.


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